Art of Parenting: Father Frames Six-Year-Old’s Uncommissioned Wall Drawing

Kids will be kids, and sometimes they will surprise you by
doing things like drawing on the walls, leaving parents with an
array of options for how to respond.

Dr. Eric Masicotte is a neurosurgeon, associate professor, and
medical director of the mTBI/Concussion Program at the
University of Toronto, and a pretty tolerant parent, if
his response to this unexpected doodle is any indicator.

Instead of scolding his son for adding a green house to a clean
white wall of their home, he and his wife decided to turn this
little masterpiece into a gallery-worthy work. They framed it
in matte black, right where it is.

“Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t. It helps if
you married someone with a sense of
humor,” Masicotte wrote of their creative
decision. The caption really makes the piece: “Marker on
latex paint” as the medium, with the description “Gifted to his
parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th.”


Having gone viral on Twitter, this unexpectedly popular artwork
has drawn people in, creating an array of funny responses
riffing on serious critical approaches worthy of the art world
(and wider audiences). Whether all of this praise and attention
will lead this six-year-old to pursue a career in drawing (or
architecture) remains to be seen.

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