Culinary Arts: Rock Candy Geodes Hidden Inside Huge Chocolate Shells

Just like the dull rocks that often reveal
geode formations in nature, one would not expect to find
such a sweet surprise inside what look a bit like giant Easter
eggs (or perhaps dinosaur droppings).

As a final thesis project for the Culinary Institute of
America in New York, Alex
and Abby
Lee Wilcox
 spent months crafting these monstrous

Orange-red and purple crystals inside look remarkably natural,
particularly the latter (resembling typical amethysts). While
hardly healthy, one could imagine subsisting on these gigantic
desserts indefinitely.

In a similar vein (treats imitating nature), the “flower cakes”
(and cupcakes) of Iven Kawi are stunning
works of culinary art, so lifelike one could imagine being
pricked by the needles on cacti or grind one’s teeth on the
sandy landscapes (via

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