Hamlet Writ Large: 100 Huge Fiberglass Skulls Haunt Melbourne Museum

A curious curatorial decision marked the inaugural National
Gallery of Victoria Triennel, featuring 100 artists from 32
countries, including an installation of 100 massive skulls
(note: not those of the participating artists).

Amidst other artists, designers, technologists, animators and
architects, Australian sculptor Ron Mueck’s largest ever work
to date still stands out, providing a chilling ambient
atmosphere for more conventional museum pieces.

Titled Mass, it represents “a somber study
of mortality, and an extension of [the artist’s] hyperrealistic
sculptural practice, [drawing] from the biological
structure of the skull, regarded by him as extraordinary facets
of humanity.”

Made of fiberglass and resin, the skulls are around three feet
(or: one meter) tall, but many are piled up on top of one
another, reaching toward gallery ceilings above.

This exhibition in Melbourne is free and open to the
public and will continue through late April — images by Tom
Ross and Sean Fennessey.

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