House of Vans London presents the drawings of Astrid Oudheusden

Astrid Oudheusden has an unmistakable style. Straddling the
boundaries of illustration and fine art, the painter creates
simplified scenes with a bold colour palette.

After finishing art school, Oudheusden dedicated her time to
painting, particularly using oil paints. She explains: “Being a
painter offers me the possibility to watch the world, its
people and turn all these observations into small theatrical

“I love watching people, listening to them and transforming all
that into a painting or drawing. Often I become obsessed with a
subject: portraits, puberty, lonely women, office workers. The
only way to handle the obsession is to paint.”

In an upcoming exhibition presented by House of Vans London,
the Dutch artist’s work will be showcased to the public.
Exploring Oudheusden’s bold signature style and enduring themes
of people, faces and landscapes, the world she presents in
Daily Life (Of Others) takes the viewer beyond the façade of
humankind, depicting real emotions of lost and lonely people,
hungry for connectedness and belonging.

To coincide, a panel discussion moderated by art curator Cairo
Clarke will also take place at the close of the exhibition on
Friday 6 October in the House of Vans cinema space.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 28 September, visit the
website for further

All images courtesy of House of Vans London

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