Nick Barclay’s minimalist series explores RGB and shows us the world in its true colours

“The colours we see are the reflected light of objects not the
actual colour of the objects. We see in RGB so a yellow banana
is actually blue,” explains Sydney-based designer Nick Barclay.

In his latest series, following his usual trademark minimalist
style, he considers how we perceive colour and translates his
findings into simple graphical posters.

He adds: “Red, blue and green light hits the object and the
blue light is absorbed and the red and green light is
reflected. Red and green make yellow so that why we see a
banana as yellow when it is actually blue

“It’s a little hard to get your head around at first but I have
simplified it so that people can understand and I have used
objects that everyone can associate with a colour.”

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. Find out more about Nick at

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