Occasion of Gravity: 400-Foot-High Wedding on Netting Over Moab Canyon

There wasn’t much room for cold feet in this high-flying
marriage ceremony, vows for which were exchanged over a gaping
void (complete with BASE-jumping flower girls).

Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin were first engaged on a similar
space net in the same place, then decided to keep up the
tradition with the wedding. The brave pair also invited
photographers Abbi and
Callen Hearnes
to document the event in a series of
stunning photographs.

As the ceremony unfolded, friends of the couple performed
aerial moves and walked across high lines. Flower girls packed
thousands of pedestals into backpacks (alongside parachutes)
before jumping off surrounding cliffs.

Every year, a group of athletes and filmmakers called the Moab
Monkeys come to the site to create a huge hand-knitted hammock
to hang out in before taking their own brave leaps into the

Their creations involve thousands of feet of colorful cordage,
often designed to hope a dozen people or so and extending
hundreds of feet over the canyon (with a hole in the middle for
those looking to hop off and pop their chute, Brian
Mosbaugh of Slacklinemedia). Also, be
sure to check out more extreme wedding photos from The Hearnes duo, who have
shot in a lot of exotic locations.

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