Psychedelic Waves: Step Into a Swirling Vortex Inside an Infinity Room

Create a visible ripple effect as you move within this dazzling
interactive infinity room by Japanese collective teamLab,
producing your own unique wave patterns influenced by your
gestures, movements and speed. For their new installation at
the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia,
entitled ‘Moving
Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement,’
took inspiration from the ocean and all of the ways in which
the currents and flows of water are altered by objects and
environmental conditions.

This video shows off the stunning effects as a lone visitor
makes her way through the room. You can see as each of her
steps results in a flurry of tiny light particles that
transform into lines and then form patterns, ultimately joining
together into the vortices referenced by the name. The faster
she moves, the stronger her ‘force’ is exerted upon the waves.

“If a person is not moving or there are no more people, no flow
will occur and nothing will be present in the space,” says
teamLab. “Works are born and continue to transform under the
influence of people’s movement.”

“In the ocean, complicated terrain such as an island produces
flow velocity difference and a vortex is generated. Vortices
swirl up the carcasses of organisms sunk to the bottom of the
ocean, producing nutritious seawater. This becomes a source of
nutrition for plankton to grow and nourishes the sea life.
Vortices therefore contribute to enriching the ocean.”

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