Raw Wine gets a delicious new identity thanks to The Counter Press

“Wine is complicated, and that’s before you even get to all the
processes, additives and slick tricks employed by some modern,
industrialised producers,” saysThe Counter
when introducing its branding project for Raw Wine.

Founded by Deborah Lambert and Isabelle Legeron MW (France’s
only female master of wine), Raw Wine brings together growers,
makers and buyers in a celebration of the best organic,
biodynamic and natural wines from around the world. These are
wines made with the lowest intervention possible, in both the
growing and production. Traditional methods for a new audience.

The Counter Press worked with brand consultant, Dan Rowe, to
create a new identity that would capture both the quality and
the individuality of these wines and their artisan producers.
It explained: “This balance is perfectly reflected in the
idiosyncrasies of wood-letter typography and the crafted
production of letterpress, which sits at the heart of the new
brand identity.

“In addition we also created a new bespoke logotype (inspired
by the long established use of stencils in wine making) and a
suite of custom icons, which represent the five fundamental
principles of Raw Wine.”

The identity has been developed across signage, catalogues,
bags and promotional material for the four fairs around the
world, as well as stationery and the new website. It’s a
perfect combination of traditional letterpress and modern
production. A limited edition letterpress print, based on Raw
Wine’s London fair, is available in The
Counter Press shop

All images courtesy of The Counter Press

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