Sea Wall: Dark Multi-Story Mural Shows Stormy Waters on City Streets

Lapping up the side of a three-story building in Kiev, Ukraine,
this dark mural mixes blue and gray hues to capture dark
waters and skies of the Black Sea.

Originally from London and based in Cape Town, South Africa,
artist Jake Aikman enjoys
working on extreme and dramatic landscapes, from dark blue
oceans to dark green forests and distant lonely mountains.

The focus in most of his pieces is not so much the scene but
the setting — especially at larger scales and absent figures,
as in this piece, they create a tone or mood rather than
telling a particular story. In short: they leave a lot to the
imagination, like a blank canvass providing a time and place
but no characters.

This particular piece is one of his largest to date and was
produced for Art United Us. Spanning the entire side of a
structure, it was completed in just over a week.

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