The Plant creates new branding for London hotel The Four Seasons

London agency The
has created new branding for swanky London hotel The
Four Seasons, using a stunningly detailed (and accurate)
drawing by Thibaud
across many of its applications.

The agency was briefed to create an identity that echoed the
building’s history as the former home of the Port of London
Authority at Trinity Square. As such, much of the look and feel
references the “beautiful lines” of the hotel’s architecture,
as well as local historical characters like Samuel Pepys and
Geoffrey Chaucer. Herem was commissioned to create his
large-scale drawing of the front of the building when The Plant
realised the similarities between his style and and the
detailed imagery exhibited in archived drawings by architect
Sir Edwin Cooper, which it used as research.

“This drawing, cropped and detailed, combined with elegant
period typography form the basis of the identity,” explains The
Plant’s founder Matt Utber. “We’ve used the drawing across all
the collateral, applying many of the architectural details such
as ornamental borders and balustrades as counterpoints to the
graphic design of the hotel’s identity.”

The Plant’s designs are used across more than 100 individual
pieces of collateral including stationery, signage, door
hangers, room key cards and postcards.

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