Tim Smith’s black and white minimalist photography that helps you live in the present

When Texas-based creative Tim Smith sold his business last year, he wondered what he could possibly do next. Photography was the obvious way to fill the time; it was something he picked up a few years ago after buying a camera and falling in love with it. He decided to start turning his much-loved hobby into a new venture.

“I find the entire process almost meditative, in that I’m completely in the present moment,” explains Tim. “While I do my photography, I’m generally not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Everything at that moment is the here and now. There’s a stillness and peace that I find.”

It therefore makes sense that we would call his photography business Present Moment Images. Tim initially found interest in colour photographs, but soon found black and white offered a whole new way to express himself. “I’ve found that when dealing with colour, people often want a picture or expect a picture to look a certain way.

“I think there’s this expectation. With black and white, I feel for the most part, that expectation is taken away. Mainly because colour doesn’t distract from what is being conveyed. I enjoy the simplicity and clean look that architecture provides, there’s a structure to it that I find really beautiful.”

Discover more of Tim’s work at presentmomentimages.com or follow him on Instagram @timsmithphotography1018.

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