Yeastie Boys joins forces with Thirst Craft to design Inari Biru packaging

Yeastie Boys has once again joined forces with Thirst Craft to
design its latest creation, Inari Bīru (in case you’re not
fluent, that’s Japanese for ‘Rice Beer’).

Made using high-grade Koshihikari rice, this extra pale golden
ale was designed to complement Japanese food and needed a
strong design to match its strong proposition.

Inspired by minimalist Japanese design and a classic red, white
and black colour palette, Thirst Craft created a strikingly
simple pack.

To add balance and energy, paintbrushes were picked up in a
hasty homage to shodō, traditional Japanese calligraphy. A lot
of experimenting with very viscous ink led to loose, textured
characters disrupting the pristine layout with their vertical

The result? A modern take on Japanese design for a modern take
on Japanese rice beer. Discover more at

All images courtesy of Thirst Craft

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