10 Simple – Yet Important – Tips For Creative Entrepreneurs

Jack Horner’s Tips For Creative

10 tips for creative entrepreneurs
One of the BEST ways to learn how to be a
better creative entrepreneur is to listen to and learn from
those who are already well-established creative entrepreneurs!

In this post, you’ll find 10 very simple – yet VERY important –
tips for creative entrepreneurs from Jack

Jack Horner is Creative Director and a Co-Founder of Frukt
and works with clients overseeing idea
generation, planning and creative direction. FRUKT creates
strategic partnerships between brands and entertainment.

And, for those of you who prefer to read, here is a
general overview of Jack’s presentation!

Your People Are Everything

People, people, people. They’re the CORE of
the business. They represent you when you’re not there. Jack
advises that you hire people who are smarter than you. Think
about how you can duplicate yourself.

People are everything. Really think about hiring and looking
after your team seriously.

Don’t Waste Money

Avoid spending money at all costs. You don’t need to – there’s
always a deal to be done! When you DO spend
money, think about how you can make it work as hard as you can.

Little businesses – entrepreneurs – we need to avoid exposing
ourselves to risk. So think wisely when you’re spending money.

Reputation Is King

It is ALL about how people perceive you, so be
good to them, be nice to them. Find out what they like. Treat
them with respect. Try and pre-empt their needs. Reputation is
MASSIVELY important.

We’ve been very lucky where we’ve spent so much time doing
events and looking after people and working with people that
we’ve created this “aura” around Frukt, where people know that
there is a good bunch of people and when they work with us
they’re going to have a good time, and our reputation spreads
kind of … virally, almost.

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Then Do Unto

This is kind of a tip about professionalism. Turning up on
time, listening to what people have to say, writing notes in
meetings, not forgetting stuff, following up. Those little
professional touches just give you the edge.

There are so many people in this whole creative space who don’t
take this stuff seriously, so you can be better by doing unto
others what you would have them do unto you.

think big

Think Big & Be Better

Don’t let restrictions EVER get in the way of
a good idea. Vision is important, you need to look long-term.
Come up with a big idea and do whatever you can to get there.
Think Big!

It’s not about starting small and working up. Just think big
and chase that dream. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s totally

We always wanted to be the leading music and entertainment
agency in Europe when there were two of us and we had a laptop
to share between us and we had no idea how we were going to get
there. But that didn’t stop us from wanting to be there and I
think now we’ve certainly gone some way to reaching that goal.

Make Noise!

It’s REALLY important to make noise about

If you want to communicate what you believe in, you need to
find ways and channels and occassions to talk about that and be
confidant in that. You rarely meet entrepreneurs who are

You need to be confident. You need to sell. Everyone has to
sell their business and you have to be comfortable doing that.
And it shouldn’t feel dirty or wrong!

I’m happy talking aobut Frukt and I’m proud of what we’ve done.
I know where we want to be – we need to get paid and we need to
get some clients along the way. So, make as much noise as you

What we did was, we created a magazine, we created some
publications, we host our own events. We get as creative as we
can within those to really sell the Frukt story. tips for
creative entrepreneurs

Focus, Focus, Focus

Eyes front! Set your target, set your goal and head towards it.

There’s a temptation for entrepreneurial people to be
MORE entrepreneurial. So if you have one idea,
why would you stop at one when could have ten more?

The reason is simple. The people who’ve got nine ideas on the
boil as well as their main business don’t really have the time
to focus and make that one work. So focus is incredibly

We’ve learned that lesson the hard way a lot of the time –
we’ll find some stuff that we get excited about and interested
in, and we’ll start chasing it and then find out a few months
later that you’ve taken your eye off the prize, off the main
business. So, we’re very disciplined now when it comes to
focusing on what we do – on our plan.

Be Brave

It’s about being a bit ballsy. About taking risks. This is the
one thing that unifies all entrepreneurial people – is that we
are comfortable, or we are at least confident enough to take
risks and to be brave.

It’s a virtue to be willing to fail, and failure is totally
fine. Failing twice? Slightly less good. Don’t fail three
times! Failing is OK, but learn lessons along the way as well.

Think About The Endgame

What is the exit plan? My business partner and I on the first
day at Frukt sat down and I wanted to figure out what we were
going to do, and he wanted to talk about the exit strategy.

I laughed at that point, and I think I was 50% wrong. We should
have a view on where we want to be at the end. Even if the view
is we want a lifestyle business, we don’t want to make any
money, we don’t want to sell it.

But having an exit strategy or having an end game in mind is
really, really important, and aso will keep relationships in
the business clearer, because everyone knows what they’re
heading towards and where you’re going.

Enjoy The Ride

If you’re not enjoying it, think again, because you
SHOULD be enjoying it.

The hours that you’re going to put in, the work that you’re
going to have to do, the sweat, the sleepless nights you’re
going to have to have…

Unless you love and believe in it and you’re enjoying it, it’s
going to be a hell of a difficult ride, so make sure that you
have fun along the way and don’t beat yourself up in the

Now You

And there you have them – ten incredibly simple, yet incredibly
important tidbits of information to help you along in your
entrepreneurial journey!

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useful to YOU.

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