7 Marketing Tips for Photographers – Use Your Creativity, Not $$$

marketing tips for photographersAre you just starting out on your own as a photographer? Or
are you stuck in a rut and can’t seem to come up with any new
marketing ideas? Since you’re already creative, use some of
these simple, but powerful, ideas to get you moving in the
right direction. Soon, you’ll have so many sample photos, a
digital picture frame
couldn’t hold them all! (Well, almost).

As a child, did you ever get to go to school and not just talk
about something you did over the summer, but bring something
tangible to show what you did? Didn’t it bring back great
memories of the trip, itself? The same is true for your

Since you’re providing a service, give something to people they
can hold in their hand to remind them of you when they need
photography. Put some of your best work on your business cards
to show what great work you do.

Who will most likely be your clients? Of course, people in your
geographic area. It looks like Google is often giving a local
website preference in listings on Google+ when someone
searches for, in this case, a photographer.

This is huge and wonderful for you! It’s free to make your
listing local, so don’t wait another minute before doing it
right now!

Networking is a great way to meet other business professionals,
share great ideas and let people know about you. Or think about
your target market, their life stage, and join groups that
would include them. If you’re a wedding photographer, join a
business group that will include many young professionals that
are in your target demographic.

Join a Meetup, or young
supporters of the arts group, (if you qualify for the age
range). Approach coaches if you photograph sports groups or
take senior photos. Other students will find you once they see
and hear about your great work.

Now that you’ve met some other business professionals,
cross-promote your business with theirs. If you specialize in
baby photography, speak with a local baby store, a cookie
delivery, meal service business or a diaper service.

Co-sponsor a baby contest, run a promotion together and offer
each other’s online coupons on your website, (you do have a
website, right)? Get this group together and bundle your
services. Promote them as great gifts for mom from dad, friends
or relatives as a joint gift.

marketing tips for photographersGet
involved with a charity you support. Most non-profit
organizations are looking for help with raising money. Offer a
free package at their next fundraising auction. Show examples
of your work on the rotating display of a digital photo frame
and you’ll be surprised at the number of inquiries you get.

Give away some free wallet shots with a high school photo
package and a discount coupon for reorders or a family session.

Not only will you get your name out there, but you’ll be doing
good for your community and that’s more than just good karma!

Using social media wisely can get your name out as the latest
and greatest because not many photographers are there, yet. But
be careful. It’s fun and addictive to use, so set a timer and
don’t spend more time than necessary updating your sites.

Do your research and think about which sites are best for you.
Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest are all visual sites and are
good for showing photography. Make sure your photos are
watermarked so they can’t be shared without credit. And update
regularly to keep your sites fresh and interesting.

As the saying goes, the same is true of your customers. It
costs far more to acquire new ones, so be sure to
reward your current clients to keep them coming
. Yes, it may cost you a few dollars to offer them
a discount, but you still win by keeping their business.

Offer a referral gift or discount to bring in new business.
Send them coupon or discount announcements first and tag your
photos of them in social media. It’s flattering when their
friends see their picture.

These are just a few marketing ideas to get you going. Use your
creativity to make them work for you. Soon you’ll be coming up
with all kinds of variations of these or other ideas to get
your name out, add new business and keep your current clients
coming back for more.
Melanie Valenzuela has been writing about business topics for
several years and currently writes on behalf of the digital
picture frame specialists at Nixplay. When not
writing, she can be found working on her world perspective
through travel; or challenging her heart rate through tennis,
running or attending a Kansas City Royals baseball game. You
can find her on LinkedIn.

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