Applied LEGO: Design Graduate Sends Miniature Figures of Himself as Resumes

Design and architecture firms are used to getting creative
resumes in the mail that unfold into portfolios or assemble
into paper models, but this LEGO figurine may be the most
creative variant yet.

A designer and artist, Andy Morris decided to make a miniature
of himself as a way to stand out to potential employers and
highlight his creativity.

His three-dimensional curriculum vitae packaged like a toy
figure but also includes graphic elements that convey aspects
of his own creative work.

The packaging gives more details on his design capabilities and
offers links to his website and portfolio, accompanied by
descriptions of his experience and personal design
philosophies. Hurry: supplies are limited!

He hopes not only that the figure will help him find a job, but
that it will match him with a workplace that mimics his own
quirky creative ambitions.

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