Bad Ass Miniatures: An Exhibition of Tiny Sculpted Objects by 30+ Artists

Tiny bongs, dirty dishes, grimy public restrooms, chaotic
bodegas and Barbies gone wild are among the fun and subversive
works of art found in an exhibition called ‘Bad Ass
opening this weekend in New York. Curated by D.
Thomas Fine Miniatures and Kate Ünver, founder of The Daily Mini, the show
definitely isn’t your average display of diminutive sculptures.
Billing itself as “defiant, quirky, and slightly
uncomfortable,” Bad Ass Miniatures showcases 37 artists from
across the United States and the globe working in miniature.

“‘Bad Ass’ aims to push the envelope on the traditional
(rethink the dollhouse!) with an edgy and bold attitude
showcasing jaw-dropping, surprising – maybe even shocking –
miniature badassery to hit the 21st century,” says D. Thomas
Miniatures, a retail shop and galley of miniatures in Cold
Spring, New York. The show itself is held at YoHo Artist
Studios in Yonkers, running Saturday, May 5th through Sunday,
July 22nd.

These are works you’re going to want to get a close look at,
because the devil (and the fun) is definitely in the details.
An impossibly tiny key rests on a trashed nightstand in Amanda
Kelly’s HER BED, colorful spheres of candy or cereal the size
of individual grains of sand tumble out of a bowl in Leah Yao’s
I WILL OUTLIVE YOU, Kim Clough sculpted some highly realistic
downsized sex toys and there are all kinds of eyebrow-raising
activities happening in Ann Marie Matheus’ SEX, DRUGS &

Can’t get to the show in person? Check out more photos at the
Thomas Fine Miniatures website.
Many of these pieces are
available for purchase online, whether you’ve fallen in love
with one of the originals or might be tempted by a
slide viewer
containing images from the ‘room boxes.’

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