Beware-y Afraid: 10 Weird & Unexpected Warning Signs

Telltale signs of
-ization are all around if one knows where to look
but these 10 “Beware Of”
prove we really are living in a world of hurt.

This bit of fore-shadowing comes courtesy of Pixabay member
aitoff and Charleston, SC
golf bag retailer The Elliott Company. The
seriously circumspect sign at the Royal North Devon Golf Club
in Bideford, UK could relay several different meanings – just
ask any “golf widow”. Note that the golf bag, artfully propped
beneath the weathered sign, features a miniature replica of
said sign. Impressive, even if you’re not Xzibit.

MAXI Driving Excitement

When driving in the UAE, one must expect the unexpected… if you
don’t believe us, just read the sign. Flickr member Jerry
“Woody” (woody1778a)
snapped the er, surprisingly ambiguous sign while on a 2006
road trip through the Emirates.

Subtracters Say…

I was told there would be no math… oh, you mean
snakes. That’s umm, NOT better, right Indy? In April
of 2009, Flickr member WordRidden
was moved to photograph the above warning sign in Goonhilly
Downs, which just happens to be located on the UK’s most
southerly point of land… The Lizard. Aha,
now it’s all adding up.

Fronds in High Places

Don’t stand, don’t stand, don’t stand so close to
Just imagine: if Isaac Newton had lived in Hawaii
instead of England there would be no gravity today, and
therefore, no need for this warning sign. Seriously though,
getting conked on your coconut BY a coconut is no laughing
matter. Physics can’t be reckoned with, no matter how many
palms you grease. Flickr member anokarina
snapped this ominously armed & fabulous tree early in 2013.

Panic at the Disc, Oh!

Alien abduction just ahead, hold onto your butts! Flickr member
chanced upon this odd – some might say “otherworldly”
– warning sign from Largo, Florida in the spring of 2017. Now
he spends his days constructing miniature replicas of Devil’s
Tower out of mashed potatoes while muttering “This means
something. This is important.”

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