Cat VR: Feline Virtual Reality Technology Aims to Amuse Animal Companions

A new PVRR (Pet Virtual Reality Research) technical brief
targets the hundreds of millions of global kitties who might
enjoy a romp through a virtual playscape. For starters, be sure
to watch the compelling promotional pitch below:

Isobar, the brainchild of this operation, boasts
their brain-monitoring and emotion-measuring capabilities.
brief reports
 that they have partnered with Zoos
Victoria to detail the stakeholders and potential benefits of
their emerging tech. After all, they ask: why should only “big
cats” get to have all of the fun?

Per the paper, “PVRR utilizes EEG and EKG technology to monitor
cats’ emotions to certain stimuli. The methodology accounts for
the fact that cats see less color, but see better in the dark
than humans.” Their tests involved showing cats swimming fish,
low-flying birds and other objects and scenes designed to evoke
a response.

Actually reading the brief, though, you might be both amused
and skeptical — it did also, after all, come out on April
second, which may be more than coincidence (really,
though, you should
read it yourself to learn more

More from the design team: “We pioneered a patent-pending
process that is referred to as ‘W.A.H.T’- whisker attenuation
and haptic telemetry. this groundbreaking addition to the
computer vision and sensor platform has allowed us to leverage
software algorithms to understand the ‘tells’ each feline has
related to their whiskers and be able to accurately understand
when a cat experiences one of the following states: (1) TD:
totally disinterested, (2) D: disinterested, (3) MD: mildly
disinterested and (4) CNP: cat-nipped – a term we’ve been using
to express the same brain activity seen in highly stimulated
cats when under the effects of catnip”

Of course, this may all sound silly to us right now, but wait a
few years and household pets may well while away lonely days at
home being fed by robots and goofing off inside simulated
playscapes. According to the PVRR brief: dogs are the next
target audience, so: stay tuned, canine fans!

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