Cats! Cats! Cats! 20+ Fun Feline-Focused Works of Art & Design

In ancient times, after their domestication by the Egyptians,
cats may have saved many humans from starvation and disease,
which might help explain why we still worship them to this day.
Or maybe it’s because they’re the perfect combination of
haughty, mischievous, playful, mysterious and affectionate. Or
maybe it’s because they’re actually controlling us through
parasites transmitted by their poop. Whatever the explanation,
people tend to love cats, and when we’re not busy feeding,
petting, entertaining and otherwise serving them, our reverence
often takes the form of art and design.

Neko Sushi

Two of Japan’s favorite things come together as one in ‘Neko-Sushi,’ a series by the
company Range & Nakimushi Peanuts placing a variety of cats
atop rolls of sticky rice and wrapped in seaweed. Each one has
its own particular ‘flavor,’ with funny improvised props meant
to represent raw fish and sushi fixings. This photo series is
available for sale as a series of postcards and posters.

Feline Faces Swapped With Their Owners

Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani swaps
the faces of humans with those of their cat friends in the
series ‘Undercats,’ producing a series of funny images in which
the cats are unusually well-coiffed and accessorized.

Cat Graffiti

Felines are a popular subject for Parisian street artist
C215, who’s known for painting
them on virtually any kind of urban surface, from walls to
trash cans. Though he uses stencils, and often repeats the same
designs, each one manages to feel like its own distinct
personality thanks to the textures and colors of the surfaces.

Edible ‘Glass’ Cat Dessert

The Kinseiken Seika
in Hokoto, Japan – which pioneered the transparent
‘miss Shingen mochi’ dessert made of mineral water and agar –
delighted the internet with a cat version of its renowned
delicacy. It’s an extraordinarily delicate dish, melting away
in about 30 minutes.

Cardboard Landmark Cat Houses

Cats invade Russia’s Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Taj Mahal,
the White House, the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx of Giza and other
internationally renowned architectural monuments for Studio Poopy Cat’s ‘Landmark’
. These intricate pet houses are made of cardboard
and feature unexpected details, like a snack elevator inside
the Eiffel Tower.

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