Crazy and surreal artworks and animations by Russian artist Andrey Kasay

For Russian artist Andrey
, the world is very much turned upside down. His crazy
and mind-blowing illustrations and animations are metaphoric
and based on “irony and a sensitive vision on the

Andrey’s imagined characters might be looking out to sea, for
instance, only their shadow changes your perception entirely,
revealing not a landscape but a wall. It’s all wonderfully
confusing and the pop-art colour palette only adds to the
overall comedic effect.

Brands such as Red Bull, Nike, The New Yorker and Google are
just as intrigued by his offbeat style and approach, which
Andrey’s profile on his website describes as follows: “His
characters explore their encirclement and the world around. In
futile attempts to run away from the insane real world, they
bump into the surrealism of their inner lives, and realise
being an essential part of occurrence.”

We especially love the naked man sitting on the edge of a food
tray, contemplating a dive into what looks like spagetti. Or
the gentleman in a red t-shirt, lying on an endless staircase
that seems to reach the stars. You can see more of Andrey’s
mind-bending work at

All images courtesy of Andrey Kasay

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