Creating the Perfect Home Office to Invigorate Creativity

creating the perfect home to invigorate creativity
Guest Post by Modernize

Building a business, especially a creative one, is challenging
enough. Add in a chaotic home office (or no
office at all), and suddenly your everyday obstacles of being
self-employed just got that much harder. We at Modernize understand
this struggle and have just the tools to help you build the
perfect home office to invigorate your creativity and get your
business headed in the right direction.

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Not everyone has a full room that can be dedicated to creating
a home office. If you do, then problem solved! If not, don’t
despair. Even the tiniest of nooks can be designed to be
completely work-friendly. Either way, your ideal work space
will have lots of natural light and a way to shut out the
distractions of everyday life.

Everyone thrives in different work environments. Some people
need copious amounts of colors, designs, and sounds in order to
feel properly inspired; while for others, a relatively blank
canvas allows their creativity to blossom. Take some time to
consider what elements make you the most productive and which
will be a distraction, then plan your “must haves” accordingly.

Even if you like a busier work aesthetic, having some
organizational solutions will aid in your day-to-day
activities. The less energy you have to dedicate to finding
just where you left your scissors, means the more you have to
getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Be sure to think
outside the box on this aspect, too. For example, mugs from
your favorite travel destination make a great pen holder, and
old card catalogues are perfect for organizing threads and
needles. So start looking at antique stores and garage sales
for pieces that can be used in different ways to meet your
organizational needs.

One place you definitely want to dedicate a portion of your
budget is on an ergonomic chair. Nothing is a bigger
distraction than being uncomfortable, and a cramped, hard chair
isn’t worth the time lost, no matter how cute it is.
Thankfully, ergonomic no longer means ugly or utilitarian.
There are plenty of options out there that will keep you
pleasantly supported while still adding to the overall beauty
of your new work space.

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Colors not only affect our mood, but can also, shape our
performance and thought. Yellow will make you more energetic,
while green will refresh and relax you, for example. Perhaps
the best color for a creative space, though, is red since it
evokes enthusiasm and confidence, two attributes every artistic
entrepreneur could use.

We all get bogged down with the stress and details of running a
business at some point, so be sure to have a way to combat
this. Hang an inspirational quote, your business goals, or a
family photo, and a simple glance at it will help you recenter
yourself when you feel like you are in over your head. And
nothing says de-stress like coloring! Tuck away some crayons
and a beautiful adult coloring book to help get your creative
juices flowing again.

By combining a little personal introspection with these helpful
tips, and you are certainly going to be well on your way to
creating the perfect home office to invigorate your creativity!

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