Faith Lift: 14 Modern Churches Reinvent Religious Architecture

The classic silhouette of a church may be iconic and
instantly recognizable, but modern-day religious architecture
proves itself to be adaptive after all, evolving into a broad
variety of dramatic shapes that frame views of the natural
world and prioritize a sense of community. These 14 modern
church designs run the gamut from small, modest chapels on the
beach to grand, showy structures with undulating rooflines
and unexpected interiors.

Cliffside Cross-Shaped Church Concept by OPA

Mimicking its own
Casa Brutale design
for a residence built into a cliff
face, Greece-based firm OPA (Open
Platform for Architecture)
reveals ‘Chapel of the Holy
Cross,’ proposed for the island of Serifos with a single
cross-shaped glass facade facing the Aegean Sea. The entire
structure is dug into the rock to take advantage of thermal
insulation and avoid disrupting the surface landscape.

Synhavnen Church Proposal by NOMOstudio

Submitted as a proposal to a competition to design the first
new church to be built in Syndhaven, Copenhagen in 30 years,
this design by NOMOstudio is envisioned as a
landmark with a deeply sloping roof covered in steps, allowing
the public to climb the structure all the way to its peak for
spectacular views of the sea.

Seashore Chapel by Vector Architects

Right on the sand of China’s Beidaihe Beach, the ‘Seashore
Chapel’ offers a peaceful getaway. “We imagine the seashore
chapel as an old boat drifting on the ocean long time ago,”
says Vector
“The ocean receded through time and left an
empty structure behind, which is still lying on the beach.”

Rainbow Chapel by Coordination Asia

Located within a museum park, ‘Rainbow Chapel’ by Coordination Asia aims to
attract young creative couples with a bright, contemporary
design enclosed in 3,000 vivid glass panels in 65 colors for a
kaleidoscopic effect. Its exterior design of a circle set
within a square references fullness and unity contained by
honesty and virtue.

Sunset Chapel by BNKR Arquitectura

The sun sets over the sea directly behind the altar cross in
‘Sunset Chapel’ by BNKR Arquitectura,
which is set within a forest and designed to mimic an oversized
boulder. The faceted concrete structure looks different from
every angle, and features slatted openings along its upper
level that let in fresh air and sunlight.

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