Filling the Void: 25 Resin-Inlaid Wood Furniture Designs Become Whole Again

When married with clear resin, voids in wood or stone created
by years of use, natural burls, intentional damage and even
shipworms are made whole again, while leaving their ‘wounds’
visible. Broken furniture is repaired with ghostly additions,
splintery snapped boards are made smooth and literally ancient
time-worn wood is preserved for posterity like insects caught
in amber. The results not only salvage items though to be
beyond repair, but also make them feel like museum-worthy

Disappearing Furniture: Broken Pieces Healed with Resin

Pieces of furniture that seem broken beyond repair are proven
salvageable after all, with their missing pieces seemingly made
invisible. Tatiane
created the series ‘My Old New chair’ using
translucent acrylic, the new elements matching the scale of the
older pieces but not the style. The results intentionally leave
the ‘wounds’ of the old furniture visible and highly
noticeable, as if the acrylic is a ghost of what once was or a
hint at what it could evolve into.

Broken Board Series by Jack Craig

Smashed and reconstituted pine wood gets a whole new purpose –
and surface – thanks to Detroit-based industrial designer
Jack Craig, who seals
them with caramelized resin for his ‘Broken Board Series.’ The
splintered ends of the wood are visible through the resin for
an interesting textural effect.

Forest Artifacts by Alcarol

Design duo
creates ‘forest artifacts’ by pairing wood and
resin in various designs, from an irregular wooden bench made
sharply rectilinear to ‘fisheye stools,’ the latter of which
features timber poles salvaged from the foundations of the city
of Venice. The poles, the designers explain, were “driven into
the lagoon’s caranto layer – a mixture of solid clay and sand
situated at great depths. In spite of everything, Venice
continues its fight against the muddy ground and ever
increasing water levels. Fish Eye, which is sculpted by water,
salt, shipworms and time, is a tribute to this epic submarine
struggle that has transcended millennia. During their stay in
the Laguna, these Oak logs are deeply sculpted by Teredo
Navalis, shipworms that leave traces of their passing on the
wooden surface producing striking patterns of circular holes,
whilst avoiding the inner core of the log, allowing it to
maintain its health and strength. This creates a beautiful
contrast between other decay and inner robustness.”

MANUFRACT Furniture Inspired by Self-Healing Trees

The MANUFRACT series of furniture by
Marcel Dunger
mimics the way trees heal themselves by
releasing resin into their ‘wounds.’ The hand-crafted furniture
is made of broken wood patched with tinted resin in a manner
reminiscent of kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing a broken
piece of pottery with gold.

VOLIS by Atelier Insolite

The ‘VOLIS’ series by Atelier Insolite embeds
objects with resin, including shelves, side tables, coffee
tables, consoles and other furniture items. The designers
intentionally seek out wood with natural voids and broken-off
elements so they can fill in the spaces with blue-tinted resin,
giving the finished pieces an oceanic feel.

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