Has Bins : 15 More Street Artistic Trash Dumpsters

Down in the dumps? These dozen decorated
are sure to turn your mood from crappy to happy
thanks to their distinctively un-trashy artistic makeovers.

Becoming the pick of the litter, so to speak, when it comes to
artistically enhanced dumpster bins is achieved when the
artist’s vision is expressed in words as well as imagery. Take
the “Barbie Dream Dumpster”, snapped by Flickr member
Rusty Blazenhoff
in the summer of 2013. Some complementary pastel colors and a
Barbie-font stencil were all the anonymous artist needed to
create a succinct commentary on the current state of the
American dream. Right you are, Ken!

Oscar Winner

More toward the opposite end of the spectrum is this riveting
portrayal of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. Snapped by
Flickr member bella (bella.m)
in Toronto during the summer of 2015, this “oscar winning”
dumpster looks more like a jumbo kids’ toy box than a dolled-up
waste depository. Mind you, even the most beautifully decorated
dumpsters still stink.

President Dump

“Anything’s a dumpster if you’re brave enough,” said
President Abraham Lincoln like, never. This
Los Angeles dumpster
features an improbable Lincoln-Manson
mashup with a little Bob Marley to add spice. An unknown number
of graffiti artists tagging over an indeterminate amount of
time results in a unique and unanticipated form of urban

Bonus Bones Bin

Who can say why this breathtaking skeletal flying horse was
pasted or stenciled to the side of a lowly NYC dumpster, or for
that matter who’s responsible… we’re just glad it’s there for
the wider world to appreciate. Kudos also to Flickr member
for snapping and posting the spectral stallion in late 2006.

5 Pointz Landing

Space is at a premium at 5 Pointz, “the Institute of Higher
in Long Island City, NY so not even the dumpsters
get a free pass. These minimalist painted dumpsters snapped by
Flickr member Wally Gobetz (wallyg)
in the summer of 2007 stand out through their comparative
“restraint” in the midst of rampant tagging.

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