How to Build Effective Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty

Customer loyalty can make or break your business. A loyal
customer isn’t just someone who’ll buy from you time and again.
They’ll also publicly talk about your business, defend you
against criticism, refer their friends and family to your
business and in general do everything in their power to help
you succeed.

How can you cultivate more customer loyalty? How do you create
a culture around your brand that people want to help?

Here’s how!

The companies with the most loyal customers are those companies
that connect with their customers often.

That means you’re not just a distant brand or a faceless
organization. You’re a real person behind a real business
creating real value in the world.

This connection can be through a company blog, through Twitter,
through Facebook, through email or through in-person events.
The more your customers feel like they have a connection with
you, the more loyal they will be.

WIIFT, or “What’s In It For Them,” basically means you’re
always putting the customer first.

Instead of doing what might make your company the most money in
the short term, you plan your business around what would
benefit the customers most. Your customers
will notice.

Anytime you write a blog post, make sure your readers and
customers will get something from it. This may seem obvious,
but so many bloggers make the mistake of posting just what’s
interesting to them or their company, rather than writing
something that’ll genuinely improve the lives of their readers.

Always, always put the customer first. Think in “What’s In It
For Them” terms.

How do you always deliver what the customer wants? By asking!
Before you can deliver what they want, you have to first be
absolutely certain about what it is they want.

Feedback can take the form of surveys, focus groups or just a
simple phone call. Even if you have thousands of customers, you
can still learn a lot just by picking up the phone and calling
half a dozen of your most loyal buyers.

In the end, it’s really your product that matters. It’s been
said again and again that at the end of the day, your product
is your brand.

Yes, marketing can help increase sales in the short term. But
in the long term, the quality of your product(s) will become
known on the marketplace. Make a great product and over deliver
and that’ll be your reputation. The reverse is also true.

If you want people to truly be loyal to your brand, then do
everything you possibly can to over deliver.

If you do these four things – connect regularly, think
in WIIFT terms, ask for feedback and strive to over deliver,
you’ll very quickly build a company to which your customers
will be fiercely loyal!

Do YOU have any suggestions on how to
increase customer loyalty?
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