Illustrator Lumps injects a mouthful of grinning teeth into his quirky, grotesque drawings

As you browse through the delicious works of Lumps, aka Sam Drew, a
Windsor-based illustrator with a seriously active imagination,
it becomes immediately clear that he has a thing for grinning
teeth. Not a gentle smile, you understand. Something that’s
slightly sinister. Because Lumps loves to transform just about
anything into a grinning gremlin.

From classic paintings that undergo a disturbing makeover (Mona
Lisa is now definitely grinning) to the addition of disturbing
teeth on everyday objects such as cigarette packets, stereos
and alarm clocks. There’s even a piece of sushi that has sprung
to life, with a huge gaping mouth revealing a dash of wasabi on
the character’s uvula. Gross.

But why the smiling theme? “For some reason, the smile has
always been there,” says Sam. “I was in my girlfriend’s flat
last summer and decided to draw the weirdest character I could,
it turned out with the smile and I really liked it.

“Usually, I will look at objects or designs around me and give
them emotions or turn them into characters, other times I will
just start drawing shapes and see where it goes.”

Sam studied Industrial Design at Loughborough University but
didn’t enjoy it, so after graduation he went freelance and
opted for a career in illustration instead. So far, he’s been
commissioned to create web designs and branding for a range of
clients, and has started to make a name for himself on Instagram. Discover
more of his work via his online portfolio.

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