It’s On Like Donkey Kong at Berlin’s Mount Mitte Urban Climbing Park

In the words of venerable modern philosopher Ice Cube, ‘it’s on
like Donkey Kong’ – literally – at Berlin’s Mount Center
climbing park,
which features elevated platforms that look
an awful lot like those seen in the classic video game. Located
in Mitte, the city’s hip central borough, the park offers a
massive parkour course that takes visitors higher and higher up
into the sky, amidst suspended vehicles and other recycled

The park opened back in 2010, and features six different
courses of varying levels of difficulty that may also remind
some people of the courses on the reality television
competition American Ninja Warrior. If you’re not exactly a
parkour master, you can take a short training class before they
use throw you out onto this open-air system of ropes, barrels,
tires, platforms and bridges.

At 50 feet high, its pinnacle also gives you pretty great views
of a lovely green area of Berlin:

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