Knitted Camouflage: Handmade Outfits for Hiding in Built Environments

From tiled walls and wallpaper to shrubs and graffiti, this
array of custom outfits helps conceal wearers within
very specific urban contexts.

Photographer Joseph
worked with knitter Nina Dodd to make these fashion
non-statements, primarily: sweaters that mimic surrounding
colors and patterns.

And while they only work to partially conceal the person
wearing them, and even then only in very specific places, the
designs are quite nice for everyday use, too.

A few years back, a similar
project by Germany artist Menja
 explored a more specific subset of city
patterns: public transportation textiles, often with
somewhat less fashionable results.

More about Ford’s (often weird) creative work: “The best
summary of what I do is ‘storytelling with a side order of
off-beat creativity’. Dynamite fishing? Check. Live butterflies
flying out of people’s mouths? Check. A railway line merging
into a zipper? Check. A crocodile attacking Lacoste sneakers?
Yup, that too.”

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