Minimal graphic art that represents London’s biggest icons using only rectangles

“Representing a city with iconic things made only from
rectangles,” explains the reasoning behind Nick Barclay’s
latest project, I Love London. His signature
minimalist style has once again left us guessing what each of
his graphic artworks represents – this time focusing on the
capital’s recognisable structures and landmarks.

The art director from Sydney, Australia, has made quite a name
for himself with his poster
, either paying tribute to the Tour de France,
taking a closer look at depression or summing up our favourite
cocktails. Although the subject may vary, the theme is
consistent – how can one represent something significant by
only using a few simple graphical elements?

In this case, Nick celebrates London using only rectangles to
represent something that he believes you would instantly
associate with the Big Smoke. “The idea is that these objects
are so iconic I could present a simple shape in a certain
colour with the name London and their brain would do the rest
to turn each rectangle into a bus a taxi, Tower Bridge or Fish
& Chips,” explains Nick.

“In that way, for that split moment in time, their brain will
transport them to London or bring up a memory or feeling from
being there.”

You can discover more of Nick’s latest work at

All images courtesy of Nick Barclay

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