Sofia Sita’s fun and child-like illustrations bursting with bright colours and charm

There’s a certain innocent charm to Sofia Sita‘s work. The Italian
illustrator, who’s based in Dundee, loves to create
illustrations using a wealth of bright colours, and describes
her style as “fun” and “naive”, inspired by pop surrealism,
collage, psychedelia from the 1960s and street art.

“When I was a child my grandma used to draw for me, telling me
to not go outside the lines. Although I put all my effort to
succeed, sometimes I didn’t. Since then bright felt markers
accompany me through all my studies. I love these pens because
they have very bright colours but I mostly love how they make
me feel like: free. Free as a child,” Sofia explains.

“I love making illustrations because I feel free to translate a
concept in my own way but at the same time have the power to
transmit the message to the other people. I’m not a very
talkative person and with Illustrations I feel I can express
myself more.”

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All images courtesy of Sofia Sita

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