Spatial Calligraphy: Projected Light Animates Picturesque Japanese Landscape

Over a dozen installations are bringing Japan’s
5,000,0000-square-foot Mifuneyama Rakuen to life, combining
nature with cultural traditions and modern technology in
dazzling and moving ways.

Designed by TeamLab, this exhibition incorporates a sweeping
landscape of lakes, mountains and forests as well as ancient
structures, some predating the park (which itself is nearly 200
years old).

Their driving idea: create new immersive interactions with
nature without doing any damage, using an array of lighting
techniques to facilitate a unique nighttime experience. In some
places, abstract lighting patterns contrast with or highlight
natural elements, like koi fish swimming in a lake — in other
instances, projections of scanned nature illustrate the cycle
of seasons in underground caves.

“Winding promenades, a picturesque pond and an ancient
villa-turned-tea house blend seamlessly with the natural
surroundings, blurring the borders between wild and manmade,”
. “High above, the monumental mifuneyama mountain
watches over an active and lush ecosystem of sacred trees,
ancient stones, hidden caves, and a diverse community of flora
and fauna. It is a peaceful and poetic place that induces a
deep sense of contemplation and calm. Serenity lives here.”

Visitors can journey through this hybrid wonderland moving from
one exhibition to the next in sequence, or simply get lost in
the trails that open each evening as the sun goes down. The
project, titled “A Forest Where Gods Live,” is open through
this fall.

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