Speedway Core Sample: Cylindrical Specimen Shows 108 Years of Repaved Racetrack

Core samples let geologists examine layers of the Earth,

graffiti fans peel back decades of art
, or in this
case: allow race watchers to see what a century or so of
repaved track looks like. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway
is one of America’s favorite and most famous racetracks, and it
has changed a lot over the centuries variously paved with
everything from creek gravel to bricks.

IMS president J. Douglas Boles posted this core sample
with an annotated graphic giving the history of the various
iterations. The thickness is relatively remarkable too, given
that it represents just eight repavements over 108 years.

Instead of ripping out and rebuilding, they have simply paved
over the old racetrack time and time again, creating what looks
like an elaborate chocolate cake when a circular section was
lifted out of the ground.

Artificial core sample fans may also be interested in a

Dutch building that was given a similar treatment
— sampled
and examined — in a horizontal direction, removing a section of
graffiti-covered wall to analyze how it has changed over time.

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