The Mixology Of Content Marketing [Infographic]

mixology content marketing infographicIf
you think content marketing is a necessary – but boring – topic
for creative entrepreneurs to learn, take a gander at this!

JBH (a
UK-based marketing agency), managed to come up with an
anything-but-boring guide to the subject!

This awesome infographic compares different content marketing
formats to various cocktails and the ingredients that go into
creating them.

For example, “viral content” is compared to a Tom Collins – 1
part strong message, 1 part compelling story, and then finish
up with a sour twist or a sweet finish – “depending on what you
want to achieve.”

Brilliant! Click on “more” below to see the full

content marketing

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Leave me a comment below and let us know what YOUR
favorite content marketing “cocktail” is!

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