Ultra-High Resolution: Epic 600-Megapixel Composite Photo of Manhattan

A remarkable composite with an incredible amount of detail,
this photograph was assembled from nearly 200 different images
of NYC representing 10,000 megapixels of data, all put together
over the course of a year.

Photographer, engineer, and entrepreneur Dan Piech decided to capture his
stunning shot of Manhattan (from a rooftop in Queens), titled
A New York City Dream, in tribute to the bustling city
on one of its busiest nights: New Year’s Eve.

“I wanted to create an extremely high-resolution photographic
artwork that captured the vibrant energy our city continually
bursts forth with—a seemingly chaotic energy that nevertheless
has structure, order, and rhythm,” he says of the piece. Being
spun into a ‘tiny planet’ type image, the city also wraps
endlessly, a world unto itself.

To put all of the photographs together and align them in terms
of subjects but also color content took around a year. The
finished image can be zoomed in almost endlessly to the point
where, as a physical print, it would span dozens of feet, while
still retaining a crisp quality.
VAST now sells prints

My Modern Met
, “Piech launched VAST with an aim to bring
fine art photographers with stunning aesthetics together with
technical experts specialized in producing high resolution
(1,000+ megapixel) images. VAST currently works with a roster
of 11 artists who create these specialized images. Using high
dynamic range imaging, focus stacking, image blending, and
other techniques, these special photographs can be printed on a
large scale with razor-sharp quality.”

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