Understated illustrations straddle the border between fine art and design

When gazing at this set of illustrations by multidisciplinary
artist Agata Wierzbicka, two things strike me. Firstly, how
beautiful the minimal clothing elements are – just a hint of
puffa jacket immediately makes the collection feel on-trend and
fashion-led – and secondly, the sheer amount of talent
displayed in Agata’s unique style.

After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw
University of Technology, Wierzbicka went on to complete
projects that follow the principle that ‘less is more’ –
characterised by an economy of artistic means, compositional
clarity, and subtlety rather than overstatement.

She strives for purity in her formal compositions, which
results in extremely expressive and magnetic while
simultaneously delicate works.

The artist focuses invariably on human subjects that both
interact with the canvas space whilst also acting as its main
theme. Wierzbicka focuses on what matters most to her:
emotions, movements, silhouettes.

Her works are like snapshots of the moments between daily
routines, and they draw the viewer’s attention to the
transience and beauty of these instances.

Many of the works are inspired by fashion, often out on the
streets. According to the artist, this fashion represents “the
manifested talent and incredible creativity of fashionistas.
They are not people dressed in trendy top-down outfits – these
are artists, emphasising their own individuality. Fashion has a
great strength in its transience.” Discover more at agatawierzbicka.com.

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